Hochschule MerseburgHochschule Merseburg

University of Applied Sciences Merseburg

The University of Applied Sciences Merseburg was founded in 1992. The Campus have been a location of a university since 1954. Until 1993, the "Technische Hochschule Carl Schorlemmer“ was located here.

Today, the area is 44 ha large and contains 28 buildings mostly reconstructed, green areas and sport ground. 

The University of Applied Sciences allows for the study at 3 departments and students can select from 19 Bachelor and 11 Master programs. Currently, the University has 2864 Students, 342 colleagues including 109 Professors.

Department Engineering and Natural Sciences

The department Engineering and Natural Sciences (INW) teaches basics of technical engineering combined with mathematic, natural scientific and economical topics. Therefore, graduates of the university are all-rounder and are well accepted entrants in the working fields plant engineering and construction, mechanical engineering, automotive industry, chemistry, robotics, environment engineering and polymer engineering. 

The chairmen of the conference „PolyMerTec“ are the Professors Beate Langer and Thomas Rödel, who represent the disciplines „Polymer Engineering/Polymer Materials“ and „Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry“ . Following Bachelor programs at the Department INW are available:

  • Chemie- und Umwelttechnik (Chemistry and Environmental Engineering)
  • Kunststofftechnik (Polymer Engineering)
  • Maschinenbau/Mechatronik/Physiktechnik (Mechanical Engineering/Mechatronics/Physical Technics)
  • Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (Industrial Engineering and Management); dual study

Furthermore, 2 Master programs (M.Eng.) are available:

  • Chemie- und Umweltingenieurwesen (Chemistry and Environmental Engineering)
  • Maschinenbau/Mechatronik/Physiktechnik (Mechanical Engineering/Mechatronics/Physical Technics)

Bachelor program Polymer Engineering (B.Eng.)

Polymeric materials are everywhere: mobile phone, car, inline skates, bottles ... But, what is a polymeric material? How polymeric components are constructed? How do the machines look like for the production of polymeric materials? All these questions are answered by the Bachelor programme "Polymer Engineering".  This program is characterized by an outstanding connection to local industrial companies in the field of polymer synthesis, polymer production and processing as well as mechanical engineering. Additionally, through the  Fraunhofer Pilotanlagenzentrum in Schkopau and the Polymer Competence Centre Halle-Merseburg, the students find excellent possibilities for their education in the field of polymer engineering. 

Grant "Polymer Engineering" and AMK-Award "Yound Academics"

Together with the foundation Academy Polymer Innovations of Central Germany (AMK), the University of Applied Sciences awards a grant for high-school graduates, who decided for the program Polymer Engineering. The grant  of 600 Euro is given during the first and the second semester.

Furthermore,  the foundation Academy Polymer Innovations of Central Germany (AMK) awards each year the Prof. Martin May price "Young Academics" for excellent bachelor and master theses. Awardees of the University of Applied Science were 

  • Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Steffen Döhler (2008),
  • M. Eng. Thomas Nägler (2010),
  • M. Eng. Markus Tröbs (2011),
  • B. Eng. Alexander Seiler (2012).

Conference Chairman

Prof. Dr. Beate Langer
Prof. Dr. Thomas Rödel

Phone: +49 (0) 3461 462726
Phone: +49 (0) 3461 462165
E-Mail: tagung(at)ipw-merseburg.de

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